The following are links to some handy tools provided by our
Member Associations and others

1. Link to the MD-DC-VA AFAA "Responsibilities List". This was formed by consensus of all involved parties.

2. Link to battery-set size calculator "BattCalc"

3. The AFAA and the Signaling, Protection and Communications Section of NEMA are proud to announce the availability of “Quality Informational Guide for Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems” at no charge to all Authorities Having Jurisdiction. The information and guidance provided in this publication has been very effective in helping reduce unwanted alarms in numerous jurisdictions. It is available in quantities for distribution at state/regional meetings. Call AFAA at 844-438-2322 for more information or email It is also available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. To download it, click on QualityGuide.pdf

4. Link to a spacing matrix for heat and smoke detectors based on 2016 NFPA 72 - Matrix

5. Link to the NICET forms page where you can download an application and Program Detail Manual

6. Link to NEMA's website to download SB-50 "Emergency Communications Audio Intelligibility Applications Guide" at no charge -

7. Link to AFAA's Horn Strobe Volt Drop .calc.

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