AFAA Application and Member Associations

The Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) is a not-for-profit trade association serving the fire alarm and smoke detection industry. Our mission is to “Improve Fire and Life Safety”. AFAA believes in a balanced approach, using the correct technology for the application whether it is smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers or passive fire protection through proper building materials.

AFAA has two primary objectives. One is to be actively involved in both the ICC and NFPA codes and standards making process, with over 50 representatives on technical committees. The second is to improve professionalism in our industry by providing quality training through seminars, webinars and online training.

In addition to the National Association, AFAA has Member and Regional Associations who are independent not-for-profit associations affiliated with the national organization. Their primary focus is to provide a voice for the industry on a local level by developing relationships with local AHJ’s, designers and other trade associations, as well as providing training on a local level.

If you are located in an areas with a State or Regional Association (listed below), you have the option of joining that organization. Each Association has their own dues and membership structure. When companies and individuals join a Member Association, they also become a member of the national AFAA. 
If there is not a Member Association in your state, and you are interested in helping start one, please contact our administration team at





Corporate and Small Business Membership

Corporate and Small Business membership is through Club 72, AFAA's philanthropic organization specifically designed to benefit our coporate and small business members. Click the picture (club 72) for direct access to Club 72.


Individual Members (non-AHJ's)

Class I-1 - All individuals who cannot qualify for any other class of membership. 
Annual Membership Dues - $150.00 



Individual Members Who Are - Authority Have Jurisdiction (AHJ's)
(State and local Fire Marshals, Building Officials, etc..)

Class I-3 - Authorities having jurisdiction who do not have the opportunity or do not choose to join a Member Association. Class I-3 members shall not have voting privileges.
Membership Dues - Free Membership



Please note the State and Regional Associations listed below. Membership in State and Regional Associations is encouraged but not required. 

 State and Regional Associations     Click on each State for their website
Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia
Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts.
Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut
            Oregon, Washington
          Pennsylvania, Delaware


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